Vintage Parasol Collection!

As a vintage collector and dealer I have a very large variety of things. One is my extensive collection of vintage umbrellas and parasols. Here I have finally done a shoot with all of them open in a grassy field. They dates range from 1950s to the 1970s. Some may be older but I can’t seem to find much information on them. If anyone knows where I can get some info that would be super helpful.


My Parasols and I standing in the rain in my yard in kempton


Some are regular shaped that we are all used to and a few are pagodas, my absolute favorite kind. I love and use each of these on a regular basis because I am crazy. Don’t be afraid to be your crazy self. What strangers and even your family think of you is not important. What you think of yourself is all that should matter. 


All my parasols open to reveal their beauty



The lovely ladies underside. They’re so lovely. 


Underneath the canvas

Take a closer look at the handles. Some are plastic or celluloid beauties. Seriously folks, I need more info on these. I only date clothes and jewelry. I need an expert. Image


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