60s Mod Eros by Symington One Piece Swimsuit

Gorgeous 60s Cut Out EROS Swimsuit by Symington – Aluminum belt buckle accent and low back are glamorous details of this suit. It Also features classic bullet bra cups and full booty coverage. AVAILABLE HERE

DSC_1206 - Version 2DSC_1205


DSC_1328 DSC_1336eros1DSC_1325


DIY Dresses: Make it YOUR Dress

Altering any dress will make it unique and your own. You can also alter the dress to fit you better since every woman is a different size and shape. Beyond that you can take an dress and merely change it. Even those dresses we look at and think there is absolutely no hope for. Did you ever look at a dress or top and think: “This would look much better without these ugly sleeves” or “This would be cute if it was a foot shorter” ? These fixes aren’t very difficult and can make something like a vintage dress fabulous again. 

DIYer Marisa Lynch has proved that in her Dollar Dress challenge. Check out her Blog at http://www.newdressaday.com/ for her tips and previous projects.


That’s ok. Sometimes a few safety pins can do the job too. If its a skirt that needs to be hemmed or a dress taken in for a wedding (I’ve done it!) Safety pins can be a quick and cheap life saver. 


This dress was WAY too big in the bodice so I pinned it at the sides with a total of 6 pins and fit perfectly.


If your one of those more unusual ladies like myself you can cheat by throwing a ton of different pieces together for a crazy ensemble. Gloves, other skirts, corsets, belts, and many other pieces can be added to made the look different and belts and corsets can add shape. 


The red velvet part is a dress by itself but I added the corset, the gloves, and the black skirt underneath to make it a little more interesting.

Of course I don’t expect anyone to get this ridiculous, but as I stated before, a belt can do wonders and a corset can still be added to a short dress to make it a little sexier. 😉

Beautiful and wonderful coats oh my!


60s wool coat with alpaca trim for you to be the most adorable Eskimo ever!


Black velvet in all its 60s glamour


Brown rabbit fur with incredible alpaca trim from the 60s. You WILL be warm in this coat! Fashion and function.




50s mink cape so chic and amazing with a sexy little pair of boots!



50s Mink stole that a lady would wear to dinner with a beautiful evening dress


This bright red cape will certainly get you noticed and make you feel a little bit like a girl on her way to grandmas house.