Save MONEY my Friends


I have put many new items in my shop and even some plus sizes (more coming soon).

Treat yourselves to a 25% off Coupon and go nuts! I ship globally and enjoy.

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As usual, if you have something specific you are looking for or want me to keep an eye out of specific sizes, please, let me know. If you need items for costumes also let me know. I have only 1/3 of my current stock ON etsy in my shop. Image


40 More followers to a coupon

When I reach 40 more followers I will post a coupon for 25% anything in my shop that will not expire for an entire YEAR! I ship globally and doubled my inventory just this month alone. I expect to put 200 more items in it in the next couple of months. 


Vintage Love


Show and Tell: Your Favorite Fashion Era?

What is your favorite fashion ear and why? Is it the color scheme? The cute of clothing, or just the overall style? 


I just kind of do my own thing simply because I want to 🙂

My favorite: The are aspects from every era I appreciate or love but over all the Victorian era is my favorite. The colors, the patterns, and the gorgeous detailed gowns that women would wear in public. Speaking of, I’m still not sure which victorian outfit I should wear this weekend. It will either be a baby blue with white lace or my new striped maroon button down with a shiny black high waist skirt. What do you think?

International Shipments: Don’t Fear Them

As many of you may know, I have an Etsy shop in which I sell Fun and Trendy vintage clothing. I have just opened up my store to international shipments last month and have had 2 sales to Canada, one to France, and another to Australia. 



Late 80s early 90s plaid purse from the era of punk rock


At first, the idea scared me but as long as you are familiar with customs forms and can give an accurate shipping price you are golden. My advice is to fill out customs forms online, its so much easier than looking at all those little boxes and trying to fill them out with small text. 

If you don’t know the prices, don’t just guess. See how much it will cost to ship each separate weight to a halfway point around the world. For me, living in the USA in Pennsylvania, that point is Japan. This takes a little while but its worth knowing the prices. Then chart them out and keep it handy for all your listings. If its just a one time thing, no worries. If you do have a store and are frequently shipping items out, I suggest buying a scale. Its much easier and affordable than taking your items to the post office. 

You might be able to find a chart of the prices online but make sure its up to date. Postal shipping prices change and the price could be much higher than you anticipated. 


Like shipping just about anywhere there are certain things you can not ship to other countries. Familiarize yourself with these and make sure what countries you CAN ship to. The US doesn’t ship to or accept shipments to specific countries. 


I hope this eliminated some of your fears of global shipping. Stay Trendy