60s Mod Eros by Symington One Piece Swimsuit

Gorgeous 60s Cut Out EROS Swimsuit by Symington – Aluminum belt buckle accent and low back are glamorous details of this suit. It Also features classic bullet bra cups and full booty coverage. AVAILABLE HERE

DSC_1206 - Version 2DSC_1205


DSC_1328 DSC_1336eros1DSC_1325


The Glamorous Gown of Bleeker Street

Her name is Simone. Or at least that’s what we named the dress.

The dress is available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/211598319/70s-bleeker-street-cleopatra-collar

These are closeup shots of the tags and sequins. It’s so gorgeous and slimming. Somehow I look super tall and skinny when I’m 5’3 and rather curvy.





The Gunnies are Coming! – Gunne Sax Dresses

I have a not so secret love for 1970s Gunne Sax dresses. For those of you who do not know, Gunne Sax dresses are gorgeous, comfortable dresses that were often worn for weddings, proms, and just out in the beautiful sunny day. Made of cotton or cotton blends, the dresses were light and comfortable and came in very flattering shapes. Most of their styles mimicked Victorian, prarie, or Renaissance styles. The black label ones, made only in 1969, were some of the most interesting and beautiful of all.

Here is the dress I have just listed in my shop and I have 3 black labels that are coming soon.

AVAILABLE HERE: https://www.etsy.com/listing/177997507/gunne-sax-vintage-1970s-sheer-maxi-dress?ref=shop_home_active_1
Grab it now while its still there.











AVAILABLE HERE: https://www.etsy.com/listing/177997507/gunne-sax-vintage-1970s-sheer-maxi-dress?ref=shop_home_active_1

How to repair your vintage parasols or umbrellas of any era – Simple Sewing step by step






Simple steps to replacing the metal pegs on the end of your umbrellas. Sometimes an umbrellas loose canvas is just a few stitches away from perfection. Here is how its done:

STEP ONE: Notice something has gone awry with your favorite parasol


My personal collection of vintage parasols 1950s-1960s

There are a number of things that could be wrong here. Some are just problems with improperly storing your collection (shrinking fabric resulting in tears) or just wear and tear from frequent use. For storage tips see below. 

Your easy to fix and frequently occurring problems are end caps that have been lost or loose stitches. On the underside of the canvas the metal frame of the umbrella / parasol is held in place on the canvas with little stitches. These occur somewhere the middle of the metal arms of the frame and are stitched to the seams of the canvas where the canvas panels meet. These are very easy and just require 3 to 4 stitches back in place around the frame and through the canvas.

**For those of you who rarely pick up a needle, remember to keep the knot of the thread on the underside of the canvas. 

However if it is an end cap you will need to find one (if you don’t have the one that fell off)


What you will need:

  • another end cap
  • button thread
  • needles
  • scissor
  • seam ripper



The trick to this is finding an end cap that is era appropriate with the same patina. This can be a little tricky. The cheapest and easiest way to do this is to hit the flea markets and antiques markets. When you go take your parasol with you, try to match it to the ones you find. Its easier to simply buy a an inexpensive broken one and take take the end caps off. If you don’t find one the first round, wait a month or so and go back. They’re usually lurking about in an unexpected place. When you find some that match or are very close buy it and take it home. I wouldn’t spend more that $5 if this is 1940s and newer. 


STEP THREE: Fixing it!

To remove the cap keep the parasol closed. The canvas is loose which makes it easier to pop off. Sometimes they can be difficult and require a little wiggling of the cap while pulling it off. Once its off the metal arm it is still sewn to the canvas. Take your seam ripper and slide it up the seam. Be careful not to poke your fingers.


Once it is removed you can put it on the arm of the one you are repairing. Keep the parasol closed. Before you start make that you have chosen a needle that will fit through the holes on the cap. If the threaded needle fits you can knot the end and begin. Pull the needle through the underside of the canvas, out the top, and through the two holes on the cap. Pull the material close to the holes. Run the needle through the canvas again and repeat. 

ImageMake sure to keep the thread tight and once you have hit 3 or 4 stitches, knot your thread twice and cut. If there is more than one that needs replacing go on and repeat these steps. If you do not want the broken parasol around simply remove the remaining caps and keep them in a little baggy. You may need them again. 


Done! Ready to stroll in the sun. 



Did the metal frame break at one of the arm hinges? Well, this really cannot be fixed but if you are stuck in the rain and its your only umbrella then grab some tape. Any kind will work and just wrap it loosely around the hinge (otherwise the umbrella will not close). 


How to properly store you collection:

If its silk it absolutely has to be in an area with NO extreme temperature changes (ex: the attic). Silk as a natural material is prone to moth holes and should be carefully examined before purchase because they are difficult to get rid of in a fabric that needs special care. 

If its not silk and just nylon or rayon these are not easily destroyed. Nylon is a tough material and can pretty much be kept anywhere dry with no temperature changes. To protect from fading keep them out of direct sunlight in a dark corner or closet. 






A day in the sun with your fixed parasol.


CYBER MONDAY SALE – vintage clothing for you, handmade sparkling jewelry for gifts

DSC_4577CYBER MONDAY SALES Save 30% of your total purchase! No minumum.
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Support the little people this time a year. Small business saturday led into cyber monday continuing the trend. Find USA made jewelry, vintage clothing, and accessories of all kinds. Update your closet before the holidays or just a warm fuzzy coat.

A Trendy Visitor’s Letter: Plus Size Vintage

I opened my shops inbox one day to find a letter from a shop fan. They loved it enough to write me and commend me for having plus size vintage clothes. After all, the big girls need a touch of trendy too! It was touching enough I wanted to post it (after asking permission that was granted) on my blog for all to read.

Hi Ivana,

I just had to tell you how happy I am that I found your store today! – while I was doing an Etsy-wide search for vintage plus size clothing for women.

I am really excited about the clothes you offer in your store! You have fantastic taste and a wonderful selection to choose from. Thank you for the affordable pricing. Your store is a fabulous treasure!! I found so many things I’d love to purchase (that unfortunately were not my size, but definitely my style, so I’ll be back to see what you have in the future!!)

I was in a car accident several years ago, which resulted in disability and limited mobility. Because I can not move much (or exercise), I’ve gained weight and am now a plus-size woman — but I’ve never lost my desire to express myself through clothing, whether fun or fancy. I always had my own eclectic style, and really enjoyed it. It was so simple and such a great pleasure to do find a great selection of clothes before I gained weight; it is very difficult, very challenging and ultimately very frustrating after I’ve gained weight. I am not able at this time to lose weight or get in better shape due to my physical limitations.

I bravely share these personal thoughts in order to, first, thank you for including the plus size clothes that you have, and to give you a personal testimony from someone who knows why it is so meaningful that you include plus size clothes. Secondly, I want to really encourage you personally to please consider seeking out more plus size clothing to offer in your store. I know your inventory varies day by day, so you may have quite a selection of it at other times, and again, thank you! But with your taste and your eye, you are in a unique position to offer those of us who NEED stylish plus size clothes, not just to serve a function but to inspire our souls, too.

I dare speak for “most of us” (plus size women) when I say, we’re tired of wearing solid black with bold accessories. Wearing cool, stylish, expressive clothes (like the silk black and white blouse in your store today) does so much for the mind and spirit! It can really help a person like me THRIVE.

I honor that you have a vision and plan for your store, and recognize that you’re a re-sell store and not a designer. I don’t imagine (or want) to impose on that, or step on toes so to speak. I’m writing to you with my story, my perspective, and my hopes. I’ve shared from my heart, and I realize that you may feel inspired by that. Truly, after looking at what you offer in your store (overall), I truly felt inspired to write this to you. I think someone with your eye for clothing would really know just how what I’m feeling — that great clothes, and expressing yourself with them, does so much more than just cover the body. Plus sized people are challenged to find these clothes — but I think you have the eye and the avenue (your Etsy store) to meet the challenge.

You have a fantastic amount of feedback, all of it positive. I hope that my ‘feedback’ adds to your bank of helpful information.

Inspired by your store and style,

——                     —–                          ——                      —–

I am still looking for plus size clothes all the time and I try and rescue as many as I can. There is a taffeta wedding dress coming soon and a few others. Once I get my Plus Size model (my cousin) set up and them all photographed I can list them and make them available to the world. Yes, the world. (Except those countries the US doesn’t trade with). Pesky little rules…

Have a Trendy Day!