In the Beginning!

Let me elaborate on my own story. It was many years ago when I began developing a love of classic movies and glamorous fashion. I was very young and as I became older modern fashion was unexciting. Everywhere I turned were the same pieces of clothing. They had different tags and different colors but they were the same unappealing shapes. I decided that I would make my own clothes and be a fashion designer!

When I realized I hated pattern making and most of sewing I changed my course of artistic interest. I had already owned a small collection of vintage I began collecting more and more and altering my clothes and making my own accessories. I was a trapped artist of sorts, I didn’t quite have the skill to make truly great pieces of original clothing, paintings, and ect. but what I did have were ideas. Colorful vibrant and strange ideas. The part of my childhood that I harbored all of my life, in my writing, in my outfits, and in the few successful pieces of my own was my unadulterated imagination.

With this I made accessories years ago out of what has been seen as trash. I made soda tab necklaces, bottle cap bracelets, and a headband made of rusty screws. I saw them as beautiful interesting pieces that no one would ever have. I painted trees on my clothes, painted objects, hacked off sleeves, tops, rose the waists and took in clothing. If something had potential but wasn’t that amazing I fixed it. I saw what things could be and created them anew.

Among my ever growing vintage collection I have my altered items. This year I decided to extend my hunt for beautiful things and share them in my store. I also decided this month, when the world is supposed to end, that I will also share my knowledge, talents, and skills I have acquired over these many years. Here I will share with you all that I do and how you can begin your own unique path.


**************I am a 20 year old college student in Pennsylvania going to school for Professional Writing so that I may one day write my own creative stories in books and travel the world writing the tales of others.


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