How to Wear Vintage: Modernizing Your Retro Look

Any outfit is more than a shirt and pants or a blouse and a skirt to be complete. For example we could wear a floral dress and add a sweater, shoes, jewelry, a hair accessory, a purse and a belt. With these elements we can also take any article of clothing we desire into various directions from girly to punk with very little effort. The same goes for vintage being modernized.

No matter whether you want a more era specific look or a more modern look all you need is one piece of clothing and add more modern or more vintage from there.
In this first example we have a very era specific 70s look with modern stilettos. However the lace poet sleeved shirt, the owl necklace, and the plaid pattern have all crept back into today’s fashion so the outfit is leaning more towards a trendy modern look. Do look for vintage items that modern fashion has recycled and know how to work it.

Vintage 70s plaid wool skirt

Vintage 70s plaid wool skirt

***Skirt is available in Etsy store

Here is another example of vintage with an 80s vintage lace dress and very colorful modern wedge shoes. Other items that could be added to this look are a colorful satchel and a leather motorcycle jacket to give it more of an edge and veer it away from innocence.


****Dress and necklace are available

Vintage is like the garnish on your outfit that truly makes it unique. Though some pieces are not that rare, the chances of another person having the same piece is extremely low. If you find something you like wear it, and wear it proudly.

P.S. Most of modern fashion is recycled vintage styles.


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