You Must Be Careful What You Buy on

The day of my event was closing in and the dress had still not arrived. I was going to a formal party with my boyfriend to meet some of his friends and coworkers and was feeling self concious. I was worried what they would think of me but I still wanted to dress in my style. That meant vintage. I looked everywhere for a dress in my county but nothing was long enough or fit me properly. I decided to just give up and go online for a dress. I found a few I liked and ended up buying a $147 beautiful red dress described as “excellent” condition from the 1950s from Dainty Rascal on I even asked if the dress would arrive in time and she said yes. Days went buy and she contacted me, saying she forgot the dress was in Australia and might be late. I then began to panic.


The dress ended up coming on the day of the event and when I pulled it out of the box I noticed something wasn’t right. The entire front of the dress looked strange and when I held it in the sun light I saw that it was terribly faded from being stored improperly. There were also beads missing everywhere and disgusting arm pit stains on the bodice. There were black stains in several other areas as well.


Now, because it was late she said she would give me a refund. I shipped it back and over a month went by before I got anything from her. I went to see what i could do on Etsy, and because she canceled the order she was able to simply check “refunded” without actually refunding us through Paypal and I was no longer able to give her feedback and there was little I could do to get my money back. We had to file a request for a refund through Paypal which she continued to ignore and then wrote to us saying she received the item never got our “friend request” through Paypal.

What the hell did that mean? There are no friend requests in Paypal! You simply type in their email and send them the money or hit “refund” and thats the end. Needless to say, we sent that idiotic remark to Paypal and they forcibly refunded the money immedietly. Still she has 5 stars because every time an order is refunded it must be canceled. When it is canceled you are no longer able to leave feedback for a person so no displeased customers are able to warn others of potential problems with this Etsy seller.

Always be cautious when buying from individual sellers on Ebay, Etsy, or other sites like these. I have had multiple problems with stains going unnoticed or items not being the items pictured or as described. Just because they have a good rating doesn’t mean they are reliable. As a seller and customer, I am saying there is no excuse for this. You should fully understand your online business (which has been running for over 2 years) and be able to get back to customers quickly.

I strive for customer satisfaction in my shop and though everyone makes mistakes I refund customers quickly and if there are any problems with the order I keep them posted. Just a few weeks ago an item was missing and I was unable to send it to the customer, so I explained what was going on and I fully refunded them. They were ok and probably went on to buy something similar elseware.


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