Little Boxes

I'm a Wallflower

In honor of “Throwback Thursday”, we have decided to feature a really unique artist of the 1960’s Era, Ms. Enid Collins. Enid was known for her unique hand painted bags and boxes. The Wallflower was so inspired by her Mid-Century design, we decide to create our own! See how we did it with our DIY tutorial below. Remember to pin and share this fun little box on pinterest.

enid_studio copyHistory of the “Little Boxes”

After WWII was coming to an end, Enid Collins, a rancher’s wife, hoped to help with family income when troubling times arose for her family. She and her husband turned to the classic artisan skills of creating leather and wooden handbags for the public. The handbag trend took off and before Enid knew it, she was selling with Neiman Marcus. In later years, Enid continued to work with different mediums including ceramics, acrylics, fabrics, and watercolors.

Creating like…

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