Live Your Fashionations – Make your own style – Dress for YOUR body

Have you ever loved something beautiful but said it wasn’t your style? Or where would you wear that? Well here, those thoughts are irrelevant. You make an occasion and you make it your style.


If you are wearing mainstream fashions that everyone else is wearing and your outfits could have been pulled off mannequins you do not have your own style. But to develop your own style you need to get over your fear of wearing these pieces that you like. It is not matter what strangers, your friends, or your family thinks of how you are dressed. The only one you are impressing is yourself. So, next time you find some crazy little dress but don’t know how to wear it, think about it. You can always put something together. And if you ever need to figure something out I and many other fashion bloggers are here to help you.


Its About Dressing Your Body – Not whats “HOT”

Regardless of what is “in” fashion, there are certain pieces of clothing that look great on certain shapes and terrible on others. You do not need to abide by these rules but, in terms of looking more attractive they are highly recommended suggestions. After all, what woman doesn’t want to look more attractive?


Ex.  I am a true hourglass with a big bust tiny waist and big bottom. If I wear a loose fitted dress I will look 300 pounds. Yet, women who are smaller chested with a smaller bottom can pull it off.


You want to make your waist look smaller generally speaking. Wearing a cincher belt in a dark color can help. Bottoms and dresses that have a natural waist (above the navel) generally have a slimming effect. When you have a large section of your body you need to wear more flattering garments like a solid color, dark colors, very small tone down prints, nor ruffles or baggy fabric. In the area you need to fill out go ruffles and patterns and bright colors.


Bathing suits – your body

Very curvy woman –  A one piece will even you out, skirt suits are nice and anything that had a darker band in the middle or a belt with highlight your waist

Bigger bottom – solid preferably dark color bottom (a nice skirt suit works wonders too!)

Small chest – ruffle bikini top

Large chest – Personally, I would go with actual cups and under-wire bikinis that will give you the coverage and security your ladies need


Honestly, I recommend skirt suits to everyone or any 50s bathing suit styles. They just WORK.



Any other concerns, just ask. I am always here to help my dear fellow women. I’ve been doing it for years so, why stop now?


— Stay Trendy

XOXO Ivy  ❤

2 thoughts on “Live Your Fashionations – Make your own style – Dress for YOUR body

  1. Hello!

    I was wondering if you could gave some advice for me…

    I’m 5’3″ with a pear shape,and a bit of an apple mix…or at least I’m starting to look that way after gaining a bit of weight and my body isn’t holding it nicely….especially not for the style I love and want to try for myself.

    I really love hipster/grunge with a little bit of gothic mixed in. But I noticed these looks look best on tall, slim and slender girls….And I don’t think my face goes with the whole look….Most of these girls I see are wither cute or really pretty/beautiful…i’m rather…..not so much….and plain looking.

    I’ve worn boring and plain clothes for a long time because I think I’m plain and boring looking myself, and not attractive. I can sort of look cute when I get my makeup right, but it has to be right. and I look much better in pictures than in real life.

    My question is this: Do you think I should wear what I want anyways, as long as it flows with my body type and makes me look better? Or should I stick to being plain and not liking my clothes very much? I love this look, but so afraid I’ll be disappointed when I finally get to shop for the look…I might have looked better in it before the weight gain, but not so much now..I’m 95.4Lbs, but don’t look it.

    • Don’t beat your self up so much, love. Now, are we talking gothic victorian or gothic baggy? Personally, its very difficult to make that really work. I don’t think its really meant to accent a womanly shape. If you have a bigger bottom, like me as well, then you want nothing to do with pants that will hang loosely on your bottom. It tends to make legs look wider which isn’t what we want. My suggestion is to still go for what you love, but look more for the right silhouette. You need a happy medium.

      The most attractive thing is to find an outfit that follows the body. The thing we seem to forget is that clothes can be altered. It could fit you better.

      If you you lack sewing skills or just loathe the idea, then just look for clothes that do fit. They’re out there. They may require more effort in finding them but its worth it because you will find something that you love and fits you and will make you feel amazing.

      High waist tends to work because the womanly shape naturally curves there. If you find some high waist grunge clothes that could work.

      I too am a short big bottom woman and these clothes in the mall look tragic on me. But I wear these adorable little 50s dresses and they just look perfect.

      Don’t lose hope. I even have a 90s plaid grunge skirt that high waist and pleated. You can disguise a lot with different methods too. You don’t have to limit yourself to Ts and jeans.

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