Happy 4th of July (Rambling Crazy Ol Me)

Yesterday I felt like a 50s housewife, wearing a dress and heels and making pies. In fact I should have taken pictures but I didn’t. There will be no evidence that it was really me. 

Anyway, today I’m going to talk about myslef. Its my blog and I feel like storytelling (or rambling)

I am not your average kind of girl. Yes, I adore vintage and wear long dresses all the time but thats not even the most unusual part. I am pretty nuts. We are talking I like costumes for any day, dancing in the grocery store, and in general not serious at all. I take things seriously when it requires it but the rest of the time I laugh and go about my craziness. 


My vintage dress and coat closet. Yes, those are all vintage umbrellas and parasols near by.


To illustrate my craziness I will tell you that at this very moment I am dressed like Lara Croft, Tomb Raider minus the guns. Who takes guns to a picnic? Rednecks. Since I am not, I’ll leave my guns at home. 

I have a thing for costume parties. Why? Because reality is boring. Society is filled with gray. Who likes GRAY? It’s not black, its not white, its just awful. So, I remain colorful and crazy and make people’s day. Who doesn’t want a 5 year old to ask them if they’re a princess and give them a hug. Well… maybe some people but I thought it was adorable. Adorable as kittens! 


Random people have stopped me to tell me my hair looked adorable. Like cotton candy or bubble gum.

Reality is boring. We have the same routine, get up, get dressed, go to work, eat, sleep, repeat. Some people go out and do things but going to bars or clubs gets old too. I on the other hand will go to these normal parties dressed as something unusual and vibrant and start hoola hooping in the middle of the room. I will be the soberest person acting like the drunkest. 

I have made freinds this way. Sure, I’m too extreme for some normal people but I don’t need those people as my friends anyway. I have a band of crazy theater, costume, cosplay, gamers, nerds, animal lovers, and just uncatergorizable people for friends. Most of which are hyper, reiculous and fun. 

People judge me. Sure, lots of people do that to many other people. They don’t take the time to get to know you and they think that can look at you one time and form an opinion. It’s not okay to judge or to think you are better than someone. Unless they’re a scumbag, then you’re probably right. 


One of my Lara Croft outfits. Yes. I’m rather obsessed

I am agnostic, no religion holds me. Fashion doesn’t hold me with its strict ever-changing rules. Society doesn’t keep me from doing what I choose to do. It’s important to free yourselves from bindings. They restrict your personality and what you could be in the world.  Hell, If this was back in the day I’d be sitting right alongside Susan B. Anthony trying to escape the oppression of women (and wearing slacks!). 

But the bottom line, besides me talking bout myself, is that you must be who you want to be. I encourage women to do this in person, in my etsy shop, and anytime I sell anything or meet anyone anywhere. Don’t say you can’t do something because its not typical of you. It’s not typical because you have never tried it! And your style can always change. One day I wear a full on Gunne sax dress and another I’m in combat boots, jeans and a t shirt. Do what you want and paint your own world. Be Yourself. 


— Stay Trendy 

hugs and kisses 

Ivana Schaeffer 😉

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