The Secrets to Long Beautiful Hair – Insiders Tips


This is not information from a fancy shmancy salon or an infomercial. This is an article from a woman who has been growing her hair for about three years now. I can tell you what works and what is going to kill off your hair. 

For starters. All those fancy products people told you to buy or tricks to use, forget them. The secret to healthy hair is keeping your hair healthy. Sounds pretty idiotic when I say it like that, but those commercials are meaningless. My hair is now two inches from reaching my butt and I will give you my secrets to healthy hair. It’s simple and actually very, very cheap. 

Your hair grows faster when you get it trimmed more often: FALSE

Hair may seem likes it’s growing faster but its not. It seems like it grows faster because your dead ends may be breaking off. You should still get ends trimmed occasionally but not a whole inch. Maybe a half an inch once or twice a year. Just to get rid of those icky ends. If you are not growing your hair long it will always be fairly healthy.

This notion may seem positively crazy to some of you but it really isn’t. We get these dead ends so often because our hair is not moisturized enough. For those of you who do not use conditioner, start now. You cannot even begin to grow your hair without that ingredient. If you have had trouble in the past that may be why. 

Don’t wash it everyday. 

Now if you are working in some gross places like McDonalds for instance, you should wash it everyday. But NEVER more than once. The more washes your hair receives the more your hair is robbed of its essential oils. Keyword: essential. Now, the best option is to avoid washing your hair for as long as possible, still brushing it daily. The more oils it accumulates and is distributed, the softer and shiner your hair.

If this really isn’t an option for you there is another way. At least twice a month leave conditioner in you hair over night or even a full 24 hours. Keep your hair wrapped in a towel   or scarf and wash it the next day. This is great to do during a down day when you will not be leaving the house. 


Brush your hair thoroughly everyday. You need to distribute the oils from your scalp to your tips if possible. Brushes with a lot of bristles are best for this. The more the merrier.


Dying dries out your hair and fills it with chemicals. It’s highly suggested to not do but If you must do not do it often. Limit yourself to twice a year. After each dying process deep condition your hair for 24 hours once a week for the first month. This should help your hair get back to its soft feel and shine.


As I said before, do not wash everyday if you can avoid it. Your oils are there to help you, not be a nuisance.


Always, always condition. It will save the life of your hair. When taking a shower, wash hair first and after shampoo let conditioner sit in hair for the remainder of the shower. Two to three times a week you should leave conditioner in the ends of your hair, possibly overnight. This will keep your ends from breaking and also makes it so much easier to brush. Less knots? Why yes, please.


Additional chemicals to your hair? Don’t do it. Its destructive. And also very flammable. No hairspray for you or various other chemicals. Your hair may look great today but a week of that will do some damage. 


Occasional use is okay, except for perms. Daily ironing of your hair will destroy it. Its like sunburn for your hair. It is cooking your hair and DRYING it out. 


If you try this and it works for you, leave a comment. I hope you succeed.


Ps. I dye my hair but faithfully condition. I also don’t wash my hair for 2-3 days in summer and 3-5 days in winter. 


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