Vintage Spoils: Antique Extravaganza

Far away in the quaint town of Kutztown is a little farmers market called Renningers. Here there is an antique extravaganza 3 times a year. Currently it is the June extrav and it is the less popular one due to the heat and humidity. Regardless I am out on the fields strolling around in the Victorian era clothing, or like today, flapper attire. Yes, I am quite serious. 


True victorian era silk skirt. Bought today.

Here there are many dealers selling various items from furniture to 1930s silk slips. I have bought many items and gotten some rather good deals due to my incredible charm and enthusiasm. I do not ask for lower prices or really try to bargain. Dealers admire my love of these clothes and my enthusiasm and after conversing with me about my schooling and my little unusual hobbies, laughing with me, and seeing that my ridiculously tiny waist fits in a Victorian era skirt they drop the price significantly. 


1950s formal a line lace dress. Bought today. 


Sometimes this doesn’t work but its not my goal, it simply happens. It appears I am simply a wild ball of enthusiastic creative energy barreling my way down the aisles of an antique market. I treat the dealers with respect, knowing the trade myself, and never treated them poorly. If its not a good deal you simply walk away. 


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