HELP Fellow Bloggers and Blog Readers!

OK, so as some of you may know I have a new vintage shop on etsy called Lil Miss Trendy Pants. What I need you help in is to simply pop in and take a look and let me know what you think. Be honest, please. If you think my shop needs work, I want to hear it. We cannot grow and change without knowing what we are doing wrong. I need to better understand my people and it makes sense to me to directly ask the wonderful people following my blog. Or new comers for that matter.

MY SHOP:   or CLICK this orange BOX ——————-over there———————–>

More specifically I want to know these things:

what do you think of the



and most importantly, the merchandise its self

also what would you like to see more of or what do you desire most?

Also, my new line of handmade jewelry called TrendyJewels? Your thoughts?

You can be ruthless, give me your opinions and specific examples to support your argument.

Also, as a gift I am giving anyone who is interested in my shop a 25% off coupon.

Love you guys (and gals)! Much appreciated, Stay Trendy ❤


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