To the Women all Over the World: Love Yourself


ImageNo matter what age you are these days, there seems to be a common problem. That Problem is women and young girls hating their bodies. So many strong, healthy women get rejected by society because of their bodies, no matter what shape or size. Even when so many women are gorgeous and thin, the stereotype of beauty, it’s not enough. They still find themselves day after day after day nitpicking and wishing this part was smaller, this part was larger, or their hair wasn’t such a boring color.

NAME CALLERS — What is this, Kindergarten? It’s difficult, I know. Society and fashion can be vicious, yet so can other women. People will still call you fat, ugly, manly, and plenty of other really silly names. But they don’t matter because anyone who says something like that to you is not a good person or even jealous. Shallow people are not worth your valuable time and if you don’t let it get you down, you won the battle. You are strong.


hate your bodies. Your body is a machine that can take on the world if its healthy. The stereotype of beauty fits a very, very small selection of women in the entire world. Few women are even capable of having those bodies and being healthy. Anyone else attempting that puts themselves at risk. The body needs a certain amount of nutrients and essential fat. A little a fat is a good thing. If your not hour glass shaped, or skinny, it doesn’t matter. Only that you are strong.


What matters for each person is to have a strong, healthy body. Having some muscle (which weighs more than fat) and just a reliable body. Its your body to get you through your life from place to place. Its like your car, it gets you everywhere, but you want it to be comfortable, safe, and reliable unlike a motor cycle. Its considered a sexier ride, sleek and fast, but its dangerous. Even experienced drives get into horrible accidents. In a crash, who is better off? Car. So, in the means of surviving and leaving a long, healthy life, keep those extra safety features, the can only help your body. That number on the scale? Psh. If you can run at work all day and not be out of breath, do those numbers really matter?

FASHION and OUR Bodies

If you have a little bulge above your low cut jeans, that’s a good thing. If you don’t like how it looks, and it makes you feel uncomfortable, wear higher waist pants. No longer an issue. Find clothes for YOUR body instead of trying to tailor your body for clothes. If its the latest thing, it only matters if it fits you well. You could be a gorgeous, curvy woman and put a cute dress and look horrible. Don’t worry, its not you. Its the cut of the dress and its not tailored for your body. If you love it and desperately wish it looked good on you, get it tailored.

FASHION MODELS Those runway models, some of them are scary because they have eating disorders. They look like skeletons and this look is essential for fashion. Why? Those models are human hangers. That is how designers see them. You are not human human hangers, you are real women living real lives.

FOOD It’s not the enemy! Enjoy it without worrying about every calorie. Calories are good. It’s too much salt, saturated fat, and sugar you need to worry about. As long as your eating nutrition rich food, its good. Relax. TO THE

MEN OUT THERE Gentlemen, if there is a woman in your life, tell her she’s beautiful. If its your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter. It sounds silly but you probably don’t say it enough. If you think she looks pretty, tell her. It will make her smile and feel good about herself and that will make her more beautiful.


If you see a woman out in mall or the grocery store and you like something she’s wearing, let her know. Its not weird. Even if you go so far to say she looks really pretty its acceptable. And if she looks at you like your insane, it’s okay. You were courageous enough to say it and that makes you feel good.


Sometime it helps to have someone you’re close to (or a random fashion blogger) take you aside and tell you all those fashion girls, they’re not real. You are. And you should love yourself. If this changed you’re outlook you are already



I was harassed as a child, picked on by boys and called ugly pretty much since I was 5. I took it to heart and was in severe depression. I cried all the time and I looked in my mirror each day and I told myself I was ugly. No one really knew or tried to stop me because who expects that to happen to a seven-year-old? So, there began the body hating process that continued up until high school. It only got worse from there and being an unpopular child in school I was picked on for my second hand clothes, cheap hair cut, and little things that made me feel horrible about myself. It didn’t help that I had glasses since the age of 7. I was really sad all the time and I started saving my money and buying better clothes that actually fit me and my small frame. I didn’t have a boyfriend until I was almost 18 because the tiny population of men at my school wanted nothing to do with me.

It feels pretty terrible when no men want you and all your female friends have boyfriends. I’m not really sure what made me get over it but, after a while I didn’t care about it anymore. It was no longer a concern. I was happy and not afraid to be myself. When I achieved that I exploded with creativity and now I even dress pretty unusual. I get dirty looks from some people but I have random men and women tell me how cute I look and I always thank them and try and return the favor.



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