The Victorian Lady

As some of you may know, I am a more eccentric person than most. For example, I run around in beautiful long dresses, hats, and parasols all day and don’t give a damn what people think.

If you like it: Steal my look

Vintage Gunne Sax dress/ vintage lace dress/prairie dress/gauze dress/gunne sax by jessica/boho gown/maxi dress/vintage dress

Gunne Sax dress, I have the same in my personal collection and I oh so adore it!

Vintage PK Umbrella- Blue ruffled parasol with wood handle

1960’s parasol has the frill of the Victorian Era

NEW PRICE Edwardian Gentlewomans Outfit Skirt Jacket Corset 1900s Victorian Lace Peplum Black Goth Steam Punk

True Victorian Era jacket

Black Leather Granny Boots, Victorian / Edwardian Style

1950’s Granny boots that greatly resemble the Victorian boots

Wedding Gloves, Black Lace gloves, Fingerless Gloves, Black wedding, off cuffs, cuff wedding, bride, bridal gloves, Bridal cuffs

Lovey lace gloves

Floral necklace - Rose necklace - Victorian necklace - Edwardian necklace - Antique necklace - "Rose Of Blue"

Edwardian style Handmade Necklace

peacock hand painted spanish fan FREE SHIPPING

Peacock hand painted fan to hide your face from onlookers

😀 This is seriously how I dress and Its a fairly spontaneous thing and I rarely photograph my outfit. I have had a few girls come up to me and tell me they want to be like me (college age not children) and had one little girl ask me if I was a princess. Adorable!

Like anything, I receive negative comments and dirty looks but I also have many people tell me how awesome it is that I do that. They look forward to my outfits and many little girls look up to me. I do this because its fun and that should be enough.

One thought on “The Victorian Lady

  1. I have this same dress and have been trying to figure out how to complete the outfit in a time specific way. Thank you! I love all these dresses, but especially this one with the Victorian flare. Now just to figure out accessories and how to do my hair!

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