Fashionable and Fractured: Ducktape bowtie


Above is my wonderfully decorated neck brace, not sporting chrome and green zebra duck tape  I have made a matching bow-tie over a barrette that I can also use in my hair if I so choose to reveal my neck brace that day. Otherwise I disguise it with a variety of beautiful vintage scarves. So far, silk is my favorite cover up.


If you want to make a duck tape bow-tie for your hair, or what ever you like, it is easy to make. All you have to do is take a piece of tape flipping the sticky side up and fold over each side with the edges touching in the approximate middle. Flatten the tape together and flip over. Take the middle and hold the bottom and fold the middle together like an accordion. Pinch and hold while you take a small piece of tape and wrap it tightly around the center. Done. If you want it was a hair clip simply tape it to the back of one or hot glue it.


ImageImage********* The mark in my neck is wear I had surgery.



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