Fashion to live by

Always remember, no matter what onlookers think of you, be and wear what ever you want. It is not in style? Doesn’t matter. You are brave enough to wear a trend that has yet to exist or re-exist so you are a trend setter. Be brave and proud to where something a little unusual. That is fashion, If you love something wear it, even if it is from the 40s and 70s is what is in style. 🙂

I do the same and I have received wrinkled noses, rolled eyes, raised eyebrows, and flat out look of “WTF?!” But I have also received so many smiles, sheer adoration, followers, and “OMG WHERE did you get THAT?”
So, don’t worry. Opinions are simply that, and do not let them bog down your individual style that makes you SHINE.

Forever and always,

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