How to make a Simple soda tab bracelet


Simple soda tab bracelet

What you will need:

30 soda tabs

28 inches of ¼”-3/8” ribbon

A scissor and a lighter

First to begin you will need at least 24 soda tabs, possibly more if you have a larger wrist hence I recommend 30 to work with. With the ribbon of your choice, prefereably a very pliable material like a simple polyester or nylon ribbon. Cut to 28 inches on an angle. The angle makes it easier to slip through the tabs.


Next take the lighter and run the flame along the edge, close but not touching, the ribbon. This will mend the edges of the ribbon and keep it from fraying. However this will not work on rayon ribbon. Rayon will burn. Take this ribbon and wrap it around your wrist with the ribbon ends meeting. Hold it tight where the ribbon meets on your wrist and pull down about two inches from there. This is where the first and last tabs should go. You can mark the ribbon with a pencil to know where to place it.


Pinch where the ribbon meets on your wrist and pull two inches down from there


Take your first two tabs placing one on top of the other with the top laying in the middle of the bottom tab. Now take the ribbon and push it through from underneath the bottom tab and over the top and back down into the same bottom tab. Now place another tab next to it and repeat the same steps. Do this until the tabs have reached your markings or when they meet when wrapped around your wrist. If more tabs are needed on the other end simple work backwards through the steps. To ensure that the tabs do not slip off tie knots around the first and last tab.


  As you can see this is a relatively easy design and there are many more options to work with. These same steps can be applied to a choker necklace by using 40-50 tabs and 3 feet of ribbon. Different drinks also have colored tabs that can make this jewelry more fun.


Made to order necklaces available at:

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