Here is a Sampling of Our 90s Style Board

The board includes various 90s style icons, nostalgia, fashion, and vintage items to cultivate your own look.



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Check Out Our New Pinterest Board: Velvet

New Pinterest Board: Velvet. We will be adding to it every time we have a new velvet piece in the shop or find some fantastic designer piece to mimic.

Here is a sampling of what you’ll find:


This one is in the shop. Still available HERE.


Velvet Falls, by Arthur Mkrtchyan



This one is in the shop. Still available HERE.


We found these babies on pinterest, but they’re sold out 😦

60s Mod Eros by Symington One Piece Swimsuit

Gorgeous 60s Cut Out EROS Swimsuit by Symington – Aluminum belt buckle accent and low back are glamorous details of this suit. It Also features classic bullet bra cups and full booty coverage. AVAILABLE HERE

DSC_1206 - Version 2DSC_1205


DSC_1328 DSC_1336eros1DSC_1325

GUNNE SAX Brick Red Calico Print Midi Dress (1970s)



Button up sweetheart neckline that is oh so feminine


DSC_1267 Full ruffle tier on bottom trimmed with cream colored lace

gunne saz red

Photo on 5-27-15 at 12.18 AM


Gunne Sax dress for Joseph Magnin

The Glamorous Gown of Bleeker Street

Her name is Simone. Or at least that’s what we named the dress.

The dress is available here:

These are closeup shots of the tags and sequins. It’s so gorgeous and slimming. Somehow I look super tall and skinny when I’m 5’3 and rather curvy.





New Vintage Store – Ghosts of Wardrobes Past

We have officially opened another store on called GhostWardrobe. This store also sells vintage jewelry as well as a few housewares and odds and ends. It currently has no clothing in it but we plan on making a move sometime the end of this year. Currently we are just testing it out to see how it goes though there are some items ready for purchase. 

banner 2 ghosts sign

The story behind the name, however, is that many vintage shops have similar names. Some hinting at the 50s or 60s, some are just “vintage” with another noun attatched. I have always, personally, found this pretty boring. I’ve always though boring names = boring clothes so I’ve always wanted a name that stood out and was meaningful to me. For those who collect antiques or wear vintage, we know all too well that the original owner of those beautiful items probably passed away long ago. Yet, even if they haven’t those clothes probably hung in their closets for full decades before finding their way to a new home. They hung in the closet like remnants of a past life, or ghosts. 

This is what our future brick and mortar store will be named and maybe the name will scare some customers away and draw others in.  I’ve always been a quirky cookie and as apart of me, my store will be too.